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Oct 26, 2011

Week 43 October 2011

Well, our new website is finally up and running. Many thanks to the patience and work of Gary at Little Pig Web Ltd for putting the site together.

With the feature of the news page we hope to be able to keep old friends up to date on what we are doing here and also to give those who may be thinking of coming to the school an idea of what it might be like to study at the Divine Word School of English.  I am going to try and give a short update every week on events and details of those who are coming and going.  These will not be long but just short news.  Because this is the first report, it will be a little longer.

We are now well established in the first term of the Academic Year 2011/2012.  We are a small group at the moment but have students from Spain, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique and China.

All students are studying a full time programme of four hours each morning from 08.45 to 13.00 and many are taking some additional classes in pronunciation on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Students have been looking for opportunities to practice outside the classroom and so two of those attending the school at the moment are celebrating mass for religious communities of sisters in Dublin.  Two students are also attending the weekly meetings of the Legion of Mary which is held in the House of the Salesians of St Don Bosco.

Our coffee break music programme has been going well and to date we have had music from Ireland, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Spain and, this week, Mozambique.  We have selected the charity for the Friday contributions, it is to be one organised by an SVD father in Argentina - more news about this next week.

Activities this term have been going very well, we have had visits to Dublin, we have made our final visit to the farm and  have picked the potatoes we planted in the spring.  Last week we had great fun at the Ceili where all participated in the Irish dancing and listened to the many groups performing.  This week we are finalizing plans for the weekend excursion to Galway.  We will go on Friday and return on Saturday.  Shorter than usual but hopefully we will get an opportunity to see a lot - we will include a visit to the Arran Islands.

Well - that's all for now I will end this first report from: YOUR MAYNOOTH CORRESPONDENT!

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