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Dates and Fees

Course Dates.

Monday January 8 to Wednesday March 28, 2018 (11 weeks, 3 days) (Minimum stay: 2 weeks)
Monday April 9 to Friday June 15, 2018 (10 weeks) (Minimum stay: 2 weeks)
Monday June 25 to Friday July 27, 2018 (5 weeks) (Minimum stay: 2 weeks)
Monday July 30 to Friday August 31, 2018 (5 weeks) (Minimum stay: 2 weeks)
Monday October 1 to Friday December 21, 2018 (12 weeks) (Minimum stay: 2 weeks)

Students may begin their course at any time. Minimum stay: 2 weeks.
A reduced schedule of classes will be arranged for the periods Tuesday April 3 to Friday April 6; Monday September 3 to Friday September 21, 2018.


2 weeks €450. Each additional week after two weeks €205
12 weeks €2380. Each additional week after twelve weeks €195
25 weeks €4750. Each additional week after twenty-five weeks €185
36 weeks €6280. Each additional week after thirty-six weeks €170


Course registration fee €70


Single room accommodation in Residence of the Divine Word Missionaries. (All meals included: breakfast, lunch and evening meal).

€210 per week from Sunday January 7 to Saturday June 16 and from Sunday September 2 to Saturday December 22, 2018.

€230 per week from Sunday June 24 to Saturday September 1, 2018.

Airport Transfers.

Airport transfer from Dublin airport on arrival is included in the course fees.
Return transfer to Dublin airport, if required, can be arranged for a charge of €45.

Activities / Weekend Excursions.

The cost of activities is included in the school fees. There is a charge for participation in weekend excursions involving overnight stays of one or two nights (€100 to €170) depending on duration and location

School and National Holiday Arrangements January 8 to December 21, 2018

Monday March 19: National St. Patrick's Holiday.
Friday March 30: Good Friday - School closed.
Monday April 2: Easter Monday - Excursion.
Monday May 7: Excursion for current students. Testing and orientation for new students
Monday June 4: Excursion for current students. Testing and orientation for new students
Monday August 6: Excursion for current students. Testing and orientation for new students
Monday October 29: Excursion for current students. Testing and orientation for new students

If you wish to reserve a place on a course, please complete the on-line registration form and send the registration fee.


Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions for students attending the school’s general  courses.

  1. All fees (less €70 registration fee) will be returned to a student who cancels, provided that the school is notified in writing at least two weeks prior to commencement of his/her course.  After this period, fees will be returned only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the school management.
  2. Students attending the school and those accommodated in the residence of the Divine Word Missionaries are asked to be respectful of the rules and ethos of the religious community.
  3. The school management reserves the right, in the event of unsatisfactory conduct, to request a student to leave his/her course and, where accommodation has been arranged by the school, to vacate the relevant premises.
  4. The school shall not be liable in the event of any service which it has contracted to supply, becoming impossible to provide by reason of industrial dispute or other cause outside its control.
  5. The school will be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons only when such liability is expressly imposed by statute.  Students are recommended to obtain travel insurance before leaving their home country.  Students from countries in the EU or EEA should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their own country prior to their departure.




Additional terms and obligations apply to both the school and course participants in cases where a student has enrolled in one of the courses at the school which is on the Interim List compiled by the Irish National Immigration Service (INIS).  Students on these programmes are from non-EU and non-EEA countries and are entitled to work while attending the school.

  1. Refunds: All fees (less €100 administration charge) will be returned to a student who cancels, provided that the school is notified in writing at least two weeks prior to commencement of his/her course.  Once a programme has commenced, a refund will be made which is proportionate to the time remaining on the course (less €100 administration charge).  A refund will be made within two weeks of a request being received.  Where a non-EEA student who has a visa with permission to work requests a refund after a course has commenced, it will be necessary for the school to notify the local INIS officer.
  2. Attendance and Punctuality: Student attendance is monitored on an ongoing basis.  Students are to attend all classes throughout their course.  Students who arrive at  the school ten minutes or later after class has commenced, should not join their group until the next teaching period; they will be registered as absent from the period for which they arrived late.
  3. Expulsion: If it is considered by members of staff that a student’s behaviour is unacceptable, he/she will be given a verbal warning and will be asked to nominate a fellow classmate who will accompany him/her when the warning is to be given.  There will also be two members of staff present.  If there are continued difficulties, a written request to leave the school will be given to the student.  Fees will be refunded in relation to the remaining course period (less a €100 administration charge).  Where accommodation payments have been made in advance, these will also be refunded (less a payment of one week).  The local INIS officer will be notified that the student is no longer permitted to attend the school.
  4. Insurance: Students on these programmes are required to have health insurance covering the duration of their stay.  Such insurance can be arranged by the school at the cost of €100 for a  period of one year.
  5. Sick Leave: Non-EEA students who have visas with permission to work are required to notify the school if they will be absent due to illness.  They should indicate if they require any assistance from the school.  Notification should be sent to the school’s emergency number or email address.  A doctor’s certificate will be required for an absence of more than two consecutive days or four days in any month.  If the school does not receive a letter from a state registered doctor, the student will be marked as absent.
  6. Holidays: The school is closed for up to three weeks over Christmas and New Year, two weeks at Easter, a week in June and a week in September.  Non-EEA students who have a visa with permission to work should take holidays only during the periods allowed by INIS regulations.  When a student is absent on occasions which are not for a certified medical illness or for serious family illness or bereavement, these periods will be recorded as  absences from the course.  A student should check his/her attendance record prior to taking holidays.
  7. End-of-course External Examinations: The school prepares non-EEA students  who have a visa with permission to work for the following external examinations:

-          Cambridge PET.

-          Cambridge FCE.

-          Cambridge CAE

-          Cambridge IELTS

Students are required to take one of the above examinations on completion of their course.  A written agreement is to be signed between the school and each student at the time of enrolment.  The school is required to advise the student on the most appropriate examination which should be taken and ensure that the student is registered accordingly.  Please note that external examination charges are not included in the course fee.  It is the particular responsibility of the School’s Administrative Assistant to provide details of examinations and enrolment requirements (registration fee, registration closing dates, location of examination centres, etc.).  The school will also discuss the progress of each student during their time at the school.

  1. Complaints:

Where a student is dissatisfied with regard to any aspect of his/her course, he/she can deal with the difficulty in one, or a combination, of the following methods:

-          To raise the matter with his/her class teacher.

-          To discuss the issue with the School Co-ordinator.

-          If a student feels that his/her complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, he/she may request a meeting with the Rector of the House of the Divine Word Missionaries or bring the matter to the attention of the relevant section of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)  Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services (ACELS) (


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